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We deliver tailor made and exceptional risk transfer solutions for our clients. This enhances prompt and efficient claim settlement processes that delight our clients.

We are a full service insurance broker corporation agency offering a complete line of business, home, auto and life insurance products. As an independent corporation, we have outstanding experiences which enable us to provide solutions throughout changing markets and life situations.

Our goal at RTS is to build relationships with our clients in efforts to develop an understanding of their needs. Through this process, our insurance professionals make appropriate risk management recommendations that offer your company the best protection at the best price.

Oil and Gas

Business - Home - Auto - Life

We are strategically located in Lagos giving us the ability to service clients based in Port Harcourt and Abuja, and not shy of extending our services across borders and overseas. Our location makes us the ideal agency for customers who require prompt service and attention from our insurance broker professionals.

RTS is continually striving to serve your insurance needs and is completely dedicated to fully protecting our clients. For more information on how we can protect your assets and reduce your risk, please contact us at 0802 303 0769 or info@rtsglobalinsurance.com.

Oil and Gas

Customized risk solutions for the oil and gas industry

Power and Energy

Solutions that reduce total cost of risk and volatility.

Manufacturing Sector

Mitigate risk to make your business safer and stronger

Financial Sector

Risk control resources that address financial needs

Public Sector

Helping public entities anticipate and respond to risk

And More...

Consulting, Retail, Telecom, Construction, Infrastructure.

Ready to get started

At RTS Global Insurance, we work with you to build a story that underwriters cannot resist.
By identifying the existing and emerging risks that can derail you from reaching your objectives, we make sure you are always ready for the next chapter.


We are open to provide personalized professional insurance brokerage services to the economic nerve center of Nigeria.